We’re really glad you’re interested in teaching on Craftucation!

It’s a really easy process to become a tutor with us. Work your way through this section to find out all of the information on how it works and how to register.

The basic premise

After registering, tutors can sign into their account and upload videos and course content. Then, with a little magic happening in the back end of the site it will all get compiled into a well presented and easy to follow course.

Once you are happy with a course you can submit it for moderation. A member of the Craftucation team will check it over, make sure that there isn’t anything missing, that it hits our quality guidelines, that it isn’t offensive in any way, and that it is generally ready to be sold. Assuming all is well, it will be released into the course listings ready for sale.

When a student arrives on the site they can see all of the different courses available.  Featured courses, highly rated courses, etc., are shown on the landing page, and as the number of courses on the site grows students will be able to search for particular crafts and narrow down the choice by difficulty. When they find your course, they can click on it to see all the information, including your introduction video (providing you have set it as viewable).

They will, of course, love what they see and decide to purchase the course. They may also decide to purchase the kit that accompanies it.

Once a student clicks purchase and completes the transaction, the course is added straight to their library where they can access it. They also gain the ability to contact you through private message on the site, along with access to the course forum and to your specific tutor forum where they can interact with you, and with any other students taking that course or your other courses. 

There are additional forums not linked to specific courses or tutors which we hope will become little (or large!) communities of artists and crafters who are all likeminded and enthusiastic about their chosen medium. They are intended to be a space to share projects, triumphs, get help with problems and feel supported throught any creative journey. They should be a way for people to encourage each other on to even greater things, and perhaps even suggest new courses to try!

Once a student completes your course, they will be able to review your course, and you will get a rating after you have received a certain number of reviews. You will also get a tutor rating which, if you have more than one course with us, will be averaged from the ratings of all your courses.

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