Craftucation strives to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Our key values are inclusivity, support and ethics.


Inclusivity to us means that everyone should be able to have access to Craftucation and to the courses on our site, no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality, age, political views, health status, neurological condition, or anything else.

Everyone should feel welcome and safe taking part in our forums and using the content of our courses and our site.

Nobody should be disadvantaged or feel that they are unwelcome on our site.

We will actively support anyone from a minority and will use our business to further equity and to stand alongside those striving for a better future. We truly believe that none of us are succeeding if some are left behind and will be working hard to bring everyone up with us.

To this end we are developing policies and practices to ensure that those who are disadvantaged will be able to still have access to Craftucation’s content. We are also working hard and will make sure that our testing audience includes those who might traditionally find it more difficult to access online content to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make Craftucation as accessible as it possibly can be.

We genuinely want to create the home of online art and crafts – a safe and supportive space for all.


No person should go through life on their own. One of the things that we love most about the crafting world is that it is such a community! We simply love having other crafters around to bounce ideas off, to share in our triumphs and catastrophes, and because we go very quickly from being strangers to becoming friends; growing our own personal support networks.

Finding support both professionally, in our hobbies and activities as well as personally is incredibly important. Knowing that somebody else has your back and that you have somewhere to turn to ask questions and to get advice or to help others is just so life changing.

We know that we are ‘only’ a craft site. We know that we are not professional counsellors or anything similar. But! (and it’s a big ‘but’!) We are here. We know that the others who join Craftucation will also be there. We know that we all want to be there to get support in our own crafting journeys and beyond, and to give that back to others when they need that support too. So whatever you’re going through, we want you to be able to feel supported on Craftucation and know that it’s ok if you’re struggling, there will be support available from tutors, from peers, and from us.


Ethics to us means that everything we do is done with a strict moral code. We believe strongly in environmental protections, in sustainability and in ethical practices.

Our Ewe Felty Thing shop in Llandudno is run using a green energy tariff, as is Nikki’s home office. As a company, we don’t stock acrylic yarns and we try to source in as environmentally friendly a way as possible, right down to the brand of tea we use.

We feel that this thread is so important and goes through everything that we do. We will always choose the fair-trade option, the organic option, the recyclable or reusable version. If there is a sustainable or charitable option, that is the one we will pick.

Our ethics make us who we are, and we want to be known for being the ones that will recycle, who will choose to avoid plastic where possible, etc. We believe in standing by our principles and not wavering from them because it would be easier.

We are incredibly strict on our no mulesing policy and we will do everything that we can to ensure that our suppliers are in line with our own values. Quite simply if we don’t agree with a company’s policies then we won’t stock their products or recommend their use. There are so many amazing people out there that it is usually easy to make a greener, a more sustainable or a more ethical choice, and Craftucation as well as Ewe Felty Thing LTD as a whole company will always make that choice.

Ethics also means that we want to make sure that everyone who uses our platform is treated fairly and equally. We don’t want our tutors to ever feel that they are being taken advantage of. We really do strongly believe in the value of skills and time, and we know that every single tutor will have spent thousands of hours learning how to perfect their craft.

We really will strive to be the change we want to see in the world, and hope that you will join us in making that world a reality.

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