We’re back up!!!

Oh my goodness!!

Screenshot from a mobile phone showing a ”This site can’t be reached” message for craftucation.com

The last 10 days have been a lesson in the importance of inner calm, and we’ve been incredibly glad that we’ve been able to fall back on our creative hobbies to wind down!

10 days ago, the server that this holding site was hosted on,  as well as many of our other sites, including our Ewe Felty Thing shop  site, (though not the new, proper Craftucation site! don’t panic!) underwent a DDOS attack.

Basically it is a shared server which hosts around 900 different websites, and unfortunately it didn’t cope very well during the hack. We contacted our hosting company when everything went down and were told that basically we just had to wait.

As time went on, things weren’t improving. Our sites would come up for a few hours and then go back down again for days on end. We realised that we weren’t receiving any emails either! 

As this continued far longer than they had predicted and we failed to get any useful support or help from that hosting company, we took the decision to move the hosting of all our websites over to where the new Craftucation platform will be hosted. 

It has taken a couple of days, but I’m delighted that we are now completely secure and up and running using Krystal servers. They have been nothing but helpful and got everything migrated and set up for us, which at the end of a long week was incredibly appreciated!!

So as you can imagine, we’ve lost a lot of time this week when we should have been trying to direct tutors to what we’re doing and getting people involved with Craftucation, because quite simply, we didn’t have anywhere to direct them to! We’re really going to make a big start on that now that everything is sorted, so within the next few weeks hopefully we’ll have a lot more people on board and ready to start creating their first courses. 

We do have a ’live’ development site though!

Screenshot of inside the tutor portal! Magic is currently happening to turn ideas into courses right here!!
Screenshot of inside the tutor portal! Magic is currently happening to turn ideas into courses right here!!

I’m still completely bouncing with excitement that we actually have tutors in the site RIGHT NOW uploading their courses. There have been a couple of bumps, as we expected, which the lovely Graeme of Peroosh has now sorted out for us. It’s all looking good and the feedback so far is that it’s really well set out, easy to navigate and user friendly - so we’re delighted!!

If you’re thinking about creating a course with us, or you’ve started recording and are at the point where you’d like to get your login to the development site and get cracking, then please drop us a message and we’ll organise a login for you. We have a tutor information page which we will direct you to which contains our tutor handbook, guide videos and now a walkthrough of how to create your course as well! Send us an email at hello@craftucation.com or use our contact page.

The website issues have unfortunately taken up a disproportionate amount of time this week, and were the main reason why my post a week ago was so short. However, we haven’t been completely idle otherwise either!

We now have an Instagram and a Twitter account! We had held off organising these because, believe it or not, there is already an @craftucation registered on both of these. There is nothing on the accounts and they have been inactive for 5 years, and we now legally own the trademark. We’ve tried contacting the original owner with no success, and have tried discussing things with both Facebook and Twitter but have been unable to get them removed or take them over… so we decided that we couldn’t wait any longer. Now you can find us on Instagram at @craftucation_official and on Twitter at @craftucation_. Please pop over and give us a follow!

Our marketing company will be helping us create a full program of content to be sent to all of these over the next week, so it’s worth joining us on there as well as on Facebook.

We look forward to the coming weeks being hugely productive as we move into the final phase of the pre-launch process!

Don’t forget you can still join in our Facebook groups too!

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