Tutors Wanted!

That just about sums up where we are at the moment!

Yesterday (when I should have blogged, I do apologise!) we launched our appeal for tutors. I'm delighted to say that I've emailed at least 25 different people who have been in contact already asking for more information, and I'm awaiting the addresses from around that many again who have requested more info too.

Given that we're so new, I'm really overwhelmed by the positive response to our post. It really shows that what we're trying to do is very much needed in the community and will be a great resource for everyone!

So what have we been up to this week?

OK, Nikki has still been quite poorly with her ME this week, so things have been a bit quieter than we'd have liked, but she's managed to launch the test for her new sweater design, the Orme Sweater, which should be ready for release in September.

Nikki modelling her Orme SweaterNikki modelling her Orme Sweater

Nikki and Wendy have also been working on a lot of background stuff for the site, sorting out labels for categories, what fonts and colours to use for branding, and that sort of thing. Small steps, but they are all really important in the overall process! Wendy has been great at putting in a load of organisational steps so that we know exactly what needs done. Thank goodness for task management apps!

So what next?

In the immediate - replying to (hopefully) a lot more enquiries from potential tutors! I can see I have a couple of notifications appearing even as I type, so that is just phenomenal!

Other than that, we're hoping to hear back from Peroosh (the web developers) about the next sets of wire framing this week, and we need to feed back to them on our decisions about branding and categories etc. We've also got to start putting together some of the tutorials and guidelines for the tutors on how to create their courses, which is going to be a really important job over the next couple of months.

We'll be looking more into the marketing side of things too in the following weeks, defining our 'avatars' (the people we need to aim our products at). We need to create a named character for each of them, so if you'd like to suggest a name and how you would define him/her then do leave a comment or drop us a message!

This week Nikki will also be taking some time to reorganise the Ewe Felty Thing shop so that we can start to reopen for 121 booked appointments there the following week. Very exciting, if a little scary! There are sooo many boxed of stock that need homed neatly somewhere in the shop!

As for now though, I (Nikki) am going to take me kids out Welly Wanging for a world record attempt by the Yorkshire Cancer Research charity.

Have a great week everyone!!

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