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We did it! We were able to let our very first tutor into the site today! This is going to be quite a short blog entry, but I will do a better update later on.

So today, the first of November, we have been able to send out details to the first of our tutors for them to log in to the site and start creating their first courses. This is monumental as it feels like everything is finally starting to come together.

The site is still very much in development, but massively it is now connected up fully to the web server, it’s talking to it, and we’ve got our tutor portal working so that tutors can build their courses properly in the platform. There are still a few tweaks, it’s still a bit clunky in places or needing a few tweaks, but it is mostly together now.

So yeah — if you’re a tutor and you think you’re ready to start putting your course online, please message us and we’ll get you started with a login!

That’s it for now I’m aftraid, but as I say I’ll try and get something more comprehensive up on here in the next few days once I’m a bit more awake!



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