Time flies!

Hey everyone! Wow, where has that time gone? Apologies for leaving it so long since my last post. Life has been a little hectic…

Craftucation New Launch Date 15th February 2021

Ok. You may have noticed that we didn’t launch on the 18th January. If you are on our mailing list, in any of our groups, or follow us on social media, you will have hopefully seen that we decided to push back the launch to the 15th of February.

There were a few reasons for this, the main one being mental health. Due to the combination of the pandemic and winter many of our tutors who had planned on creating courses for us just weren’t able to. December came and went in a bit of a blur and we decided that giving everyone another month to create their content would take some of the stress off and hopefully leave them feeling more confident and capable.

It’s definitely been worth it as we are now starting to get some fabulous courses onto the site!

There has been a lot going on in the background getting everything ready and we’re still making some last minute tweaks. We are confident though, when you visit the site on Monday, that you’ll like what you see and want to stay and join in.

We have decided to do what is called a “soft launch” at the moment. This means we won’t be doing a massive publicity stunt, or taking out adverts here there and everywhere. We have some fantastic courses to start with but have decided that we will hold off on a big fanfare until we have between 50-100 varied courses available. We are hoping that won’t take long to achieve!

Everyone is working really hard to finish things up and get them ready for Monday. We are all excited to finally get this site up and running and we really hope that you will love it as much as we do.

We’re in the final stretch! Woohoo!!

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