Wire framing and wobbling

That Friday feeling!

We made it another week closer to launch! Things have been a bit tougher this week in the EFT/Craftucation world as Nikki has been very under the weather with her ME. So this post won't be as long as some. We've still managed to get loads done though, so here's a quick lowdown.

  • Wire framing for the front page of the website. Having chosen our fantastic web developers, Peroosh, over the last few weeks they have already been working hard. Wire framing is a way of deciding how the site is going to function, so we now know what's going to happen when you arrive at it. This includes what content you will see, how you'll be able to interact with it, and what options you have to move around the site. At the moment it all looks like grey boxes and 'lorem ipsum' text, but it's really exciting to us as it's finally a tangible entity!
  • Marketing planning. We've been working with the lovely Sarah of The Smart Bear for help with our marketing. Sarah's an avid knitter and is just as excited about Craftucation as we are! She's very goo at reassuring us that 'we've got this' and making sure that we're pointed in the right direction, and it was great to have a meeting with her this week.
  • Learning! Despite being rather poorly this week, Nikki has been spending time doing some courses and webinars to help her improve her skills both as a designer and as the face of EFT and Craftucation. So this week she has taken part in the Stephen West shawl shapes webinar (which is fab, if you're a knitter it is very worth doing!) and has also taken part in the Write On Time '5 days to pitch to the press' challenge. So watch out for (hopefully) Ewe Felty Thing and Craftucation appearing in a publication near you over the coming weeks and months as we progress further through our development process.
  • Tutors! Sooo exciting! We've already had some really enthusiastic conversations with tutors who can't wait to be involved. Some are already sending us sample videos and asking for feedback, others are trying to decide which courses to focus on first, but everyone we've spoken to is thoroughly excited and loving the concept. If you know anyone else who might be interested in being a tutor with us, then please get in touch and we'll let you know all the information. You can also still sign up to the Tutor newsletter.

As I'm sure you can see, even when we're wobbly, we don't sit idle! We can't wait to see what next week brings!

Nikki spinning on her Ashford Traditional wheel at Ewe Felty Thing - photo requirement for the 'Pitch to the Press' challengeNikki spinning on her Ashford Traditional wheel at Ewe Felty Thing - photo requirement for the 'Pitch to the Press' challenge

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