Phew! It’s Friday!

Hello everyone!!

I'm really sorry that I missed last week's blog post. It was a combination of health and general exhaustion I'm afraid, but I'm here now and much better than I have been for the last few weeks, so onwards and upwards!!

So, what's new?

Oh my goodness - LOADS!

So when I last posted 2 weeks ago, I was posting that we were starting to look for tutors to join our new platform. I shared on Facebook as well, and the response was amazing!

We had over 60 responses through Facebook and through our websites with potential tutors getting in touch to ask for more information. That's without even trying to advertise, so that's a really amazing response! I've spoken to so many of you about our plans and how it's all going to work, and the replies have been overwhelmingly positive! A few of my favourite quotes are:

This sounds to me like a truly spectacular idea...

Potential tutor 1

That sounds like an amazing vision. I really love the idea.

Petential tutor 2

OMG you have just answered my prayers!

Potential tutor 3

We really have been blown away at the responses from potential tutors who are now as excited as we are about starting up Craftucation!

We also (very excitedly) have the first mock up of how the new site is going to look!! Bear in mind that this is a mock-up, it has stock images, random numbers and categories the developers have picked... but we do think that it looks rather fav and we love the colour scheme!! What do you think?

Craftucation home page mock-up

The wire framing is now pretty much complete. so we're just waiting to sign-off a few more of the design proposals, and then they're actually going to start putting it all together!!

Other developments!

OK, so to be able to make Craftucation everything that we want it to be, I (Nikki) feel that I need to step up and learn a lot more about business, about how to market things, about branding, and sooo many other things! I also need to get much, much more organised!

So I've started a bullet journal!

Nikkis's Bullet Journal (with added yarn)Nikkis's Bullet Journal (with added yarn)

I am really loving it, and it's enabled me to make a social media plan, keep up with all my commitments, and also feel like I'm not only coping but actually doing really well - which is pretty impressive!

I've also signed up to some business coaching, which is proving really brilliant already. It's well-rounded, so as well as working on all the more businessy bits, they're also supplying a mindset coach and doing lots of supportive things as well so that we feel good as we're doing it.

I really want to be the best that I can be so that you can get the best out of Craftucation, both as tutors and as students. I really want it to be beneficial for everyone, and so it is well worth my time and energy making it so! As much as I wish a love of wool could just accomplish everything, sadly I need a few more skills than that to pull this off... but that said, it's all going really well so far!

And crafting!

Of course I've been crafting too! I couldn't manage without it, and quite frankly it keeps me sane throughout! I'm 'almost' finished my hand spun Orme Sweater now. I have finished the body and I'm just about to cast off the first sleeve - so only one more to go!!

This photo is of me trying it on before starting the sleeves. Please ignore the fact that it is being worn over bulky layers!

And that's about it for this update I think! We're hoping to launch to the tutors in only a couple of months now, so things will be moving on at pace over the next while. We'll keep you updated throughout and as ever, if you're interested in being a tutor then please get in touch. If you're interested in being a student, hang in there, we're hoping to launch to you around Christmas/New Year time, and we'll keep you updated with everything too!

Have a great week everyone!

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