Newspapers, mock-ups and learning, oh my!

Well that's been a busy week! I hope you have all had a good one! We've been up to all sorts of things since I last wrote to you, so let's start!

We were in the newspaper!

We were featured in the business pages of our local newspaper, the Daily Post.

Photograph of Daily Post article on Ewe Felty Thing and CraftucationPhotograph of Daily Post article on Ewe Felty Thing and Craftucation

This was the result of a course Nikki did last month about how to pitch to the press, and the business editor was really interested to do a piece on us, talking about Craftucation and about the viral photo of the goats walking past Ewe Felty Thing.

We love this photo so much that we bought a watercolour painting of it, created by Lisa Goren, who is going to be one of our tutors on Craftucation.

We got the final mock-ups through!

This is super exciting and means that we've now signed off the design of the Craftucation site! It is now officially being built! Check out the 'course page' mock-up! This is what you'll see when you click on a course to look at it.

As you can see, this follows the same beautiful colour-scheme that the main page does. We think it's really stunning!

Signing this off means that Colin and Graeme, our web developers, are now able to start putting that 'front' onto the code that they've been working on. Really excitingly, it should hopefully mean that we're not far off having the site ready to start putting up content.

Learning, and other bits!

As I've said before, I (Nikki) am doing my best to 'up my game' so that we can make Craftucation as great as we know it will be. To this end, I joined a business coaching club run by Shaa Wasmund MBE. There is so much information in the group, both from past guest experts and the current teachings and support we get each week. This week we had a Q&A session with Shaa herself. I've watched some training by Lynne Franks, and have been having 1-2-1 sessions with people specialising in areas such as PR, marketing and business planning. It's all looking epic and I am even more convinced than ever that Craftucation is going to be absolutely brilliant for anyone who wants to be involved in it.

Let's see what happens next week!!

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