Launching 18th January 2021!

A picture of various colourful crafting bits and pieces around the Craftucation logo and launch date of 18 January 2021

Woohoo! 2 months to go!

I’ve held off posting this week’s blog post because I wanted to post today and shout that we have an official launch date for Craftucation!

Monday 18th January 2021

Honestly, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to actually get to this point! We will be going live in exactly 61 days! That *really* doesn’t seem far away at all!

You only need to wait 2 more months to have access to our brand new site, and we’re busy helping loads of tutors create their courses ready for you.

There’s still time!

If you’re interested in being a tutor but have been holding off getting involved, I have a fantastic offer just for you!

A picture showing the Craftucation founder tutor offer which is detailed in the text below

For those of you that don’t know how our tutors are going to get paid, here’s a brief description.

I really want to ensure that all our tutors get a fair payment for their time and skills. So we are setting up two payment levels. Firstly, for all courses which sell through the site directly or through our advertising, tutors will receive 50% of net takings. All our tutors will also be given a special link to use in their own advertising, so any sales that come after people click on that link get the tutor 85% of the net takings.

For our Founder Tutors, anyone who uploads their course by midnight on 31st December 2020 will get 75% of net takings from sales through our site for the first 3 months as a huge thank you for trusting in me, in us, before we launch.

So, what have we been up to?

LOADS!! Flipping LOADS!

The time is going so quickly now and we’re making such huge progress all the time! I’m going to do this as a bullet list as I think it’s a bit easier.

  • There are tutors in the site! Yep – we have now got several tutors in the site and starting to create their courses. There have been a few small techy glitches, which Graeme of Peroosh has been working really hard completely recoding a couple of sections to fix, but everything now seems to be working fully (touch wood!) so we’re good to go! If you want to get in there and start creating your course, drop us an email and we’ll create a login for you.
  • The marketing is starting We’ve been doing small bits up until now, but we’ve been conscious of not wanting to ‘launch’ too early and have people get bored of us. Now the marketing kicks off properly, so hopefully you’re going to start seeing Craftucation everywhere! If you don’t, please share it so that it is! 
  • Creating all our own courses This is still a work in progress. I have loads of courses that I want to get done in time for launch, but it is needing to fit in around all sorts of other things, such as school runs and keeping our Ewe Felty Thing shop going. I’m going to be heading back in to do a lot more recording next week, and I’m really looking forward to it. 
  • Home stuff I have actually had to take some time out over the last week or so as my daughter has been quite poorly and needed some tlc. She’s now doing well again so I’m back on it fully. 
  • Talking It sounds daft to list this, but I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week or so talking to people. Talking to potential tutors trying to explain what we’re doing and make sure that everyone is excited and wanting to be involved. I’ve also been talking to my business mentors and pulling in loads of advice on how to get through the next two months in the most productive way so that we can create the best launch we possibly can.


What is next for us then? Well, we’re finally out there! You’re going to be seeing us all over social media from now on.

We’re creating some resources to help our tutors to create their courses more easily, including videos about how to plan courses, how to edit them, etc.

I’ve got to finish writing up a couple of knitting patterns so that they can get tech edited and I can include them in my courses.

Recording! There will be loads of recording going on, and then editing, so I’m going to have my head down and working hard for the next while so that we have as much content ready for you as possible.

Wendy is working on getting all the accounts side of things going, writing the Ts and Cs, getting copy up on the website and she is also our queen of website testing, so she’s checking everything out and making sure it’s all working perfectly.

Peroosh – our amazing web guys – are making huge headway with the site. They’re making a start on the student area this week, especially the course library where you’ll be able to access and watch any courses you’ve purchased.

Sarah is making huge headways with the marketing. She’ll be in charge of the influx of social media presence and ads you’ll see cropping up everywhere!

It’s all go, really!

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