And welcome to the new Craftucation site!

At the moment, as you can probably see, this is a holding site so that we can tell you all our exciting news whilst we work in the background to set up our new platform.

We've been working on all the plans and the vision of 'how' it will work for a while, so we're really excited to finally be at the point of starting to put it all together. The hope is that we'll have progressed to being able to start accepting courses from tutors in around 3 months time.

Video Link: https://www.youtu.be/TqZ5oZ9cBkQ

So.. what is the idea?

What makes Craftucation different to the other course platforms out there?

Firstly, we're run by artists and crafters. We know the industry inside and out, because we live, work and play in the creative industry. We love all the wonderful intricacies of our world, how everyone seems to know everyone else, the strong sense of community, the way people don't compete, they collaborate. We really want to bring that sense of community and shared experience and support into our site.

We aren't doing this as a media company trying to find a niche to exploit, we're doing this as crafters and artists who can see something is missing and want to support our community in meeting that need.

We also believe in quality.

When Nikki started Ewe Felty Thing in 2018, she had a vision of a boutique craft shop specialising in the quality and uniqueness of hand-dyed yarns and fibres and with an emphasis on sustainability and ethical products. It is this that brings visitors to our shop in the north of Wales, often travelling from other areas of the UK or even visiting from abroad, rather than popping into their local Hobbycraft or similar.

Ewe Felty Thing's 'Wall of Colour'Ewe Felty Thing's 'Wall of Colour'

Craftucation will have the same values and we hope, the same pull.

Yes, you can get free snippets on YouTube, or pay a low subscription to sites such as CreativeBug, or even Bluprint/Craftsy when they relaunch later in the year, but for true artists and crafters, the quality and depth of the courses just isn't there. The community isn't there. The ethics, and the understanding of what it means to be in the creative world isn't there.

Our vision for Craftucation is somewhere that supports all areas of creativity, from the absolute beginner through to advanced artisan, and especially our tutors. Unlike some companies who are only out for the money, Craftucation will strive to ensure that our tutors are well cared for and paid properly for their work and skills. We want to encourage tutors from all backgrounds to become part of our site because we know that they will be the heart of it.

For those learning with Craftucation, we'll work hard to help you feel as though you are taking part in a course as part of a group, rather than in isolation. With support, advice and care from everyone around you, helping you to progress through your own unique creative journey in the way that suits you best.

We can't wait to start telling you all about our plans and how it will all come together as we get closer to launch.

So.. what have we been doing so far?


Nikki has been working pretty much flat out for the last month or so on all the 'boring but necessary' side of things, so the business plan, organising who is going to help us build the site, planning out how the site might look, how it will work, etc. Bouncing ideas off different people in the industry and, of course, getting a lot of support and help from Wendy and Ann.

Over the last couple of weeks, we've moved onto the branding side of things, with Wendy, who has experience with typesetting, working to create the new logo for Craftucation by hand. You can see some of our earlier failed attempts below from before we did this!

The reject pile!The reject pile!

I'm sure you can see why we didn't stick with these, but they were important steps in the process!

We're pretty happy with how our new logo is working now, and although it may need to be tweaked a bit over the coming months, we think we've pretty much hit on what is right for us..

Our new logoOur new logo

The idea is that the logo itself goes through the journey from beginner to proficient, starting with dripped ink and rough edges, and progressing to the eventual flourish.

We've also been working to set up this site, and the facebook page, and hope to set up an instagram profile soon too. Please note that @craftucation currently doesn't point to us on Instagram, despite mentioning our website. We're working to try and rectify this but it may take a few weeks.

We've also been talking to some of our friends who we know usually teach courses in-person, and so are building up our tutor base already, which is really exciting! So far we have people lined up to teach knitting, dyeing, watercolour painting, spinning and quilting. Not bad given we have kept this pretty much under our hats so far!

If you're reading this and are interested in being a tutor and would like to know a bit more, then please pop over to the newsletter sign-up page and fill in your details in the tutor section, or use the contact us page to send us an email.

So what now?

We're going to keep working on bringing Craftucation to life. We'll post on here frequently explaining all the ups and downs of that process, and sharing the joys with you as we go.

Today we plan on 'coming out' with our plans on the Ewe Felty Thing social media, so hopefully a few of you reading this blog post will have popped over from there.

We really want this collaborative creative community to grow and take on a life of it's own, so if you have any suggestions or would like to be involved, then please get in touch. We love to chat through our ideas and plans, and we're very open to suggestions on how we can make them even better and more supportive for everyone. We'd really appreciate any feedback.

Let's make Craftucation not just our site, but everyone's site. A real home for online art and craft courses.

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