Bank holidays, back to school, and a big leap forwards!

Hey hey! Sorry I'm a day late getting the blog up this week. It's been a bit hectic here over the last week and I've also needed to take a few days out to spend time with the kids and focus on some family time and having a break.

Taking time

I really do love what I do and I am so enthused by Craftucation and Ewe Felty Thing, but I have learnt the hard way that taking time out and forgiving myself when I'm not able to be present and achieve all the things I wanted to that week is a really important thing.

This week, my role as Mummy has needed to come first and foremost, with one of my children deciding to return to school and two others choosing to home educate.

We live in North Wales, and it has been really popular during lockdown with tourists from all over the UK flocking to the area. This is great for the local economy but has meant that it's been a bit difficult for me with my health concerns to feel comfortable getting out, or even to be able to find somewhere to park. We went out on Sunday to try to go for a walk whilst my partner went paragliding, but ended up driving around for an hour failing to find anywhere we could actually park to go for a walk within striking distance of the landing zone. When I picked Glyn up after his flight, we decided to throw a load of duvets in the van, grab the camping cooker and head over to the Llyn Peninsula and get away for the night.

We had a really wonderful 24 hours of peace and quiet!We had a really wonderful 24 hours of peace and quiet!

It was exactly what we needed!

However, it did mean that I missed doing my normal Sunday night planning session and didn't get any work done on Monday. Tuesday was also mostly spent getting the kids ready to either return to school or to start home schooling, and when I tried to get back to things on Wednesday, I ended up talking to my son's school and taking him for a tour with them instead.

Now, it may sound like as a consequence I haven't got much done on the business this week, and there is some truth in that, but whilst I haven't been sat staring at my laptop I have been resting and thinking. This week I have really clarified a lot of my thoughts on how certain aspect of the site are going to work, how we're going to present things to the tutors, how our marketing strategy is going to work, and much more too. I also feel a lot stronger and more replenished ready for the next phase of the build and ready to begin our own course creation this week.

The next phase!

The main reason that the blog is a bit late coming out is because we were in a meeting yesterday until about 5:30, which meant that I didn't have time to put everything together yesterday for you. We had a really great meeting and I can now say for certain that we have a proper timeline of what is going to be happening when with the launch of Craftucation!

OK, so here it is spread out from now!

2-3 weeks - the web designers will be starting to block out the front end and the views on the site. We're also going to be looking at finalising the branding language so that we know what we're saying where and how on the site. We will also start recording the first of our in-house courses.

4-5 weeks - the web designers will be getting the back end of the website sorted getting things ready and working. We will also be sending out information to all our tutors on how creating and uploading their courses will work, so that they can start recording and preparing them. We'll also be working on more of our own courses and the detailed information that needs to go onto the site.

6 weeks - the web designers will be making sure that the media servers are all up and running and interfacing properly with the site.

7 weeks - we'll finalise the tutor front end ready for them to come in and start building courses.

This means that at the start of October, tutors will be able to start uploading content onto the site!!!

We will then be looking for a few alpha testers to have a first glimpse of the site and be the first to try out courses in November, make final changes around the start of December, and then have beta testers in to see it as it should 'hopefully' be just about ready around mid December... and then...

Launch in January!!!!!!!!!

This may seem like a long way off, but this means we will have gone from concept to fruition in around 9 months, which for a project this size is rather impressive. January is only 4 months away!!

So let's look forward to starting the new year by inspiring everyone to take up a new craft or expand their existing craft skills.

I'm so excited!

Some still images from the Introduction to Felting course Nikki is working onSome still images from the Introduction to Felting course Nikki is working on


If you've already commented or contacted us, or signed up to the tutor newsletter, then we'll be sending out some more details over the next week or so about where we're up to and what our hopes are for making this work perfectly for you. If you haven't signed up yet, please contact us or sign up to the newsletter to get involved and find out everything about what being a Craftucation tutor is going to be like.


Are you interested in learning a new art or craft? Then there isn't long to wait now! We will also be looking for people to be alpha and beta testers for us, and will be specifically looking for those who are neuro diverse or who have particular physical issues which might affect how you are able to access content. We want to ensure that we are, as far as possible, accessible to everyone. If you are in one of these groups and would be interested in testing for us, then please sign up for our newsletter or get in touch to discuss.

That's all for this week folks!

We'll aim to get the next blog post out on Friday as usual. Good luck to everyone who has kids going back to school this week, or who is starting a home education journey. It's all very new, but have faith in yourselves - you're going to be awesome!

Nikki x

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