Another week down!

It sounds daft to say it, but every week we get through is a week closer to launching Craftucation, so every Friday feels like a celebration!

Things haven't been as dramatic this week, but we've still been making lots of progress!

Press stuff

So, one of the courses that I went on last month was called '5 Days to Pitch to the Press' and was run by Michelle and Christian Ewan of Write on Time LTD. I put it into practice this week and have had two local papers say they would like to feature us in their publications!

Ewe Felty Thing has been featured worldwide during the pandemic thanks to the Great Orme goats. The image below was published in The Guardian, and has been shared worldwide! In fact one of our (potential) tutors, Lisa Goren has done a watercolour painting of this image, as well as many others in her series on 'The Animals of Lockdown'.

My next job is to start pitching to art and craft publications!

Image published in The GuardianImage published in The GuardianPeter Byrne/PA


Yes. Where there is excitement, there is also mundane.

One of the big things that we need to get absolutely right with Craftucation is the accounts. This covers not only tracking everything and paying our taxes here in the UK, it also covers tracking all the tutor payments and making sure they get paid correctly and on time; tracking and charging the VAT for each person purchasing so that we can pay what is due in their country/county too; and a whole load of other things that we are going to need advice on or help to accomplish.

For example, we found out this week that we are going to need to register in a variety of different countries for VAT/Sales Tax. I had (naively) thought that this was income dependent, but apparently not and we need to register before we start trading in some places. There are also a whole load of other complicated things which need working out, so a fair bit of this week has been dedicated to talking to a variety of accountants, payment specialists, and others about the entire thing. Not exciting, but really really important!

Anything else?

Well, I've just about got to the 2nd week of using my bullet journal, and it's really helping me a lot to stay organised.

As I'm doing things with Ewe Felty Thing, with my knitwear designs, and with having 3 kids, at the same time as trying to launch Craftucation, it means that I sometimes need to prioritise some tasks over others. This week it has been more of an EFT week than a Craftucation one. There have been a lot of things needing done this week, including work on the website and doing our monthly accounts and payments. It works quite well though as many things can be interchangeable between the two, so often when I'm working on one thing it benefits the other either directly or indirectly.

So although there isn't a huge amount to show for it, it has been a really busy week! Which is how come this blog post is being written at 10pm on a Friday night!

Have a great week everyone and I'll see you next time!


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