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Hello! We've got through another week and we're making headway!

Business progress!

We've been getting to grips with Ts and Cs this week, as well as starting to write out our Tutor Guide to make sure that all our tutors know exactly what they need to do to create successful courses with us. This includes all sorts of tips on equipment, planning, presentation and more. It is a work in progress but we will have a reasonable version up and running before we open to the first of our tutors in October.

We've also been speaking to different accountants this week trying to nail down exactly what is required of us with regards to selling worldwide. The honest answer is that due to Brexit, nobody is quite sure at the moment and we won't know completely until January when we, and Brexit, both launch... so we'll have to play a lot of it by ear and adjust as we go along, Which is good - at least we now know we don't have to register for tax purposes worldwide 12 weeks before we start trading, which was the previous financial advice we'd received!

The first paragraph of our 'Tutor Information' sheetThe first paragraph of our 'Tutor Information' sheet

Personal (and also business) progress

I'm continuing my personal development so that I can make Craftucation the best it can be. I've had some great 1-2-1 advice sessions with some amazing people recently, and had a message from Shaa Wasmund on Sunday morning inviting me to join a masterclass this week. It's a 3 day event, waaay down south in Kent, and I must admit that I am a bit nervous!

It is going to be a phenomenal experience and at just the right time to work with experts on creating the launch for Craftucation, but I haven't left home properly since March, and not been in an environment with anyone 'new' since then either. Three days in the company of experienced and successful business women, learning and planning with them. It's going to be amazing! I just need to get over my nerves first!

The One Retreat I'll be attending this weekThe One Retreat I'll be attending this week

Any other business?

We've been working on some Ewe Felty Thing and Craftucation related admin this week. We've finally got the new bank account up and running. There was a 6 week delay in opening it due to the pandemic and lots of people needing to open new accounts to be able to apply for bounce back loans. We were one of them, so we can't complain! We're finally sorted though and have bee able to apply for our bounce back loan, which we'll use to restock a little at EFT but mostly to launch Craftucation. It should pay for the end of the website build, and a good whack of the marketing, so fingers crossed it comes in soon!

My kids also went back to school/home schooling officially this week. It was a bit manic, as these things always are, getting them sorted... but actually it's been really chilled and it's all gone off without a hitch. They're now all chilled out and sat on the sofa watching The Hobbit (Desolation of Smaug) and shouting 'Go Legolas!' at the top of their voices! So I am going to go and join in the fun.

I'll be in touch again next week to let you know all about how I've got on and what progress we've made during the week.

It's getting closer!!!

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