What happens if I want to leave Craftucation?

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We completely understand that life changes and that whilst you may start with the greatest of intentions, you may decide at some point to stop teaching your art or craft or to move away from Craftucation.

If that happens, then we will withdraw your course from sale and stop your students from being able to message you for advice. This process will take around 1 month to complete as your students will need to be given notice of the change and the chance to send in a final question for you, especially if they have only just purchased your course.

Once it is complete, your existing students will continue to have access to the videos and additional information that they bought from you for life. They will also continue to be able to use the course specific forum, and your tutor specific forum to support each other as they work through the modules in your absence.

No more courses will be sold once you give us notice, and you will be paid for any final sales at the usual time for the following 2 months, as we will be running payments approximately 6 weeks in arrears.

After that, if you would like to recreate your course to put it for sale or for free elsewhere, you are entirely able to do so.

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