Finish your UFOs (unfinished objects) with Shelly


This course includes:

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Finish your UFOs (unfinished objects) with Shelly


Get your unfinished objects (UFOs) finished with Shelly from Sew Spacious. She uses brand new techniques to walk you through getting motivated to complete your quilts, sewing projects and other items.

What You’ll Learn

  • Re-discover your Unfinished Objects
  • Understand why you have stopped
  • Create the belief that you can do complete the project
  • Build up your WHY and desire to get it done
  • Overcoming the resistance to getting it done
  • How to cope with the uncomfortable feelings that come up
  • Discover how to like the parts of the process that you don’t like
  • Be able to let go of the unfinished projects that you don’t want to finish

Skills Required

  • Ability to write down your thoughts on paper.
  • Willingness to look at what you are thinking and how this affects your feelings, actions and results.
  • Some basic sewing and crafting skills to complete your unfinished projects.

Course Description

Shelly walks you through getting your motivation back to finish those nagging garments, quilts and items that you just haven’t finished yet - for whatever reason.

She takes you step by step through first assessing your UFOs, measuring your belief and increasing your why to finish each project.

With Shelly’s help, you get guided through overcoming each obstacle you may meet in completing your UFOs.

Her coaching techniques have never before been used to help sewists and quilters. She’s got plenty of experience, having faced down many obstacles while working through her 30 UFOs.

Your end result is the pride of accomplishing one or more finished objects.

What You’ll Require

  • Your unfinished objects
  • A bag or box for each one
  • The UFO Action Sheet - one for each UFO - available as a pdf download inside the course
  • A notebook or journal to write your thoughts down in
  • Sewing and crafting supplies as required to finish your objects

Course Structure

Introduction 05m 47s

Meet Shelly, learn more about the course and what to expect.

Gather your UFOs 03m 21s

Where we talk about what to gather, what counts as a UFO, and what to do with them.

  • Find your UFOs 03m 21s
Discovering your UFOs 15m 22s

Where we start diving deep into what’s holding you back in completing your UFOs. You appreciate what you learnt from them, and start understanding how they are making you feel now.

  • Complete your UFO Action Sheet 09m 37s
  • Looking at the big picture 05m 45s
Getting into the psychology of it all 19m 29s

Learn how your thoughts are just thoughts, and how they affect your feelings, actions and create your results.

  • Let’s talk about your thoughts 11m 44s
  • Unintentional thoughts and intentional thoughts 07m 45s
Increasing your motivation 18m 40s

We focus on increasing both your belief - that you can do it, and your desire - that you want to do it.

  • Increasing your belief that you CAN finish it 12m 49s
  • Increasing your WHY 05m 51s
Overcoming the obstacles 20m 07s

Get coached through handling the obstacles that might come up for different UFOs.

  • Handling resistance to getting it done 09m 32s
  • Coping with the big emotions 10m 35s
Learning to love different parts of the process 17m 27s

Do you have many UFOs that are stuck at the same stage? Binding? or sleeves and hems?
This is where I coach you through being able to deliberately change your thoughts so you can actually enjoy the different parts of the construction process.
It’s a game changer in getting things done, and is totally valid. You don’t have to be stuck hating doing a particular task any more.

  • Learning to love different parts of the process 17m 27s
Gracefully releasing the UFOs you don’t want to complete 11m 19s

For every UFO roundup that people do, there will always be a few that we would happily toss out or pass on, if only we could bring ourselves to do that.

Here is how we are going to acknowledge the UFO and give ourselves permission to let it go.

  • How to let go of the projects you don’t want to finish 11m 19s
Need help? Here’s how to get extra help 03m 19s

How and where to go to get extra help. I’m here for you.

  • How to get extra help with this 03m 19s
Meet The Model 18m 13s

A quick primer on the most useful coaching tool I’ve ever met. It’s a huge part of working though this course.

  • Learn everything you need to know about the Model for this course 18m 13s

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This course includes:

  • 2h 13m 04s video content
  • PDF copy of course notes
  • 1 download
  • Lifetime Access
  • Student-only Forum
  • Access on mobile

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