Introduction to Felting


This course includes:

  • 3h 44m 26s video content
  • PDF copy of course notes
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  • Optional Kit

Introduction to Felting


Taking you through the basics of both needle and wet felting, and having fun along the way.

  • Nikki Small
  • Last Updated: Fri, 19 Feb 2021
  • Language: English

What You’ll Learn

  • Needle felted shapes
  • Needle felted freeform
  • Wet felted balls
  • Wet felted pictures
  • Combining needle and wet felting

Skills Required

  • This course is intended for complete beginners.

Course Description

This course is one that I have been teaching in person for a long time. During this course we’re going to cover the basics about what felting is, the different types of felting you can do and learn how to make simple needle felted and wet felted projects and how to combine our skills by needle felting onto our wet felted projects.

This course is aimed at complete beginners as a way of growing your confidence and teaching you basic skills so that you can then explore the craft on your own.

What You’ll Require

  • A 12”/30cm foam felting pad.
  • A cookie cutter approx 1.5-2” in diameter in a simple shape.
  • A minimum of 200g of wool rovings or tops in a variety of colours. Merino and corriedale are good fibres to start with.
  • A couple of felting needles - either 36 Gauge Triangular or 38 Gauge star which are both suitable for most felting projects.
  • 100g of ’core wool’.
  • A picture or photograph to take inspiration from.
  • 2 pieces of bubble wrap approx 12x12”/30x30cm.
  • 1 piece of voile/netting approx 12x12”/30x30cm (a piece of old net curtain works perfectly!)
  • An old tea towel or small hand towel.
  • Some hot water (hand hot, we don’t want you burning yourself!)
  • Some eco washing up liquid or olive oil soap flakes.
  • (Optional and depending on what picture you decide) A couple of accent fibres such as wool locks or a silk or sparkle blended fibre.
  • (Optional) cocktail sticks.

Course Structure

Introduction 03m 09s

What you will learn in this course, what materials you require and how felting works.

Needle Felting 1h 48m 19s

We will take you through creating shaped and freeform needle felted projects

  • Cookie Cutter Shapes 25m 15s
  • Introduction to freeform needle felting 03m 13s
  • Free-Form needle felting - the overall shape 22m 45s
  • Free-Form needle felting - texture 14m 55s
  • Free-Form needle felting - limbs and tails 20m 24s
  • Free-Form needle felting - finishing touches 21m 47s
Wet Felting 1h 05m 07s

We’ll take you through the techniques you need to create wet felted backgrounds and pictures.

  • Introduction 02m 27s
  • Wet felted balls 17m 10s
  • Introduction to wet felted pictures 02m 41s
  • Laying out the fibres 13m 26s
  • Wetting your fibres 14m 22s
  • Elbow Grease! 15m 01s
Combining your skills 46m 29s

Now we are going to create a stunning needle felted foreground for your wet felted background.

  • Needle felting your foreground 46m 29s
Conclusion 02m 22s

What we’ve covered and what you could do next!

  • We’ve covered a lot! 02m 22s

Optional Kit 5 Kits Available

There is an optional kit available to order with this course at £15.00 — you can choose to order this kit separately from the course or add it to your your order once you add this course to your basket.

The kit for this course contains:

  • 12"x12" Foam Pad
  • minimum 200g mixed wool tops
  • 2 x 36 Gauge Felting needles
  • 100g Core Wool
  • 2 sheets bubble wrap
  • 1 sheet voile/netting
  • Olive Oil soap flakes
  • Accent fibres
  • Glass eyes

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This course includes:

  • 3h 44m 26s video content
  • PDF copy of course notes
  • Not Applicable
  • Lifetime Access
  • Student-only Forum
  • Access on mobile
  • Optional Kit

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